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Sun N Plum Carpet cleaning

Sun N Plum Carpet cleaning wants to help out locals who are looking for services like air duct cleaning, tile cleaning, water restoration and carpet cleaning. San Bernardino professionals that work for us are going to do the best possible job to make your property sparkle and shine. Are you looking for grade A tile cleaning? San Bernardino pros who work for us will ensure that this aspect of your home sparkles. What about help to resolve water damage? Sun N Pulm Carpet cleaning has you covered. We pay attention to all of the details so that you are left with a job that you are satisfied with. So what are you waiting for? If you want licensed and insured experts to assist you, then turn to us. We offer competitive rates, a customer satisfaction guarantee and proven results.

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Have a look at some of the most popular services that we provide for locals in the area right here:

  • Sun N Plum Carpet cleaning – we have the solutions that are needed to get rid of odors from pets, urine stains, wine stains and much more. We can make your carpets look like new! Forget replacement when affordable cleaning is just a call away.
  • San Bernardino tile cleaning – No matter how many times mold has grown again on your bathroom tiles, we can remove it ensure it stops coming back. We can clean the tiles throughout your home, too.
  • San Bernardino water damage repair – 24/7 assistance is only a quick phone call away. We know that if water or fire damage happens, it’s crucial to act immediately to stop the damage from worsening. Make your appointment immediately.
  • San Bernardino air duct cleaning – San Bernardino cleaning whizzes know to look in all of the crevices of your home in order to ensure that it is as clean as could be. Let us look inside your HVAC system and ensure it isn’t clogged with dust, dirt or other contaminants.

Would you like to take advantage of our trusted solutions? Give us a call at your convenience and we will schedule an appointment for you.

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We are frequently asked things like:

Q: What do you have to offer that another company won’t offer?

A: Simple – licensing, insurance, customer satisfaction guarantee, non-toxic solutions and demonstrated results.

Q: I’m looking to have carpet cleaning in San Bernardino, but I’m considering scheduling upholstery cleaning, too. I’m a little worried about my fabric getting ruined, because my piece has been passed down through many generations. Are you sure it is safe to use certain chemicals on my expensive fabric?

A: We are familiar with which types of solutions to use, on which materials. We always spot test though, to be positive. The last thing that we would ever want would be for our customers to be unhappy. Precautionary measures will always be taken when it comes to your precious property.

Sun N Pulm Carpet cleaning wants the chance to prove to you that we truly are the most dedicated company around. Get a hold of us for a free price quote and see how affordable all of our services are. Ask us about the benefits of scheduling multiple tasks at a time. We are confident that we can address any concerns that you have over the phone and we are always happy to schedule a consultation for our customers. So get in touch with us at your convenience and find out everything you ever needed to know.

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